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About Us

Shree Venkateswara Cargo Express is a countrywide Train Cargo Solutions Provider and it is leading company in the warehousing industry, has been constantly making the utmost effort to improve and expand our Cargo services to support all sorts of businesses and people’s lives. Especially, for 12 years set as “the start of remodeling our warehousing operations”, we have been focusing on upgrading our services through the construction of information networks linked with ultramodern warehouses and distribution centers, including vertical automated warehouses located in targeted places such as transportation hubs and in the vicinity of major cities. We have also established a firm reputation among retail consumers as the pioneer of the trunk room service, where we conduct an extensive range of operations in all the metro cities in India.

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“It is the evolving needs of the customers that challanges SVCE to provide the best of logistic services by combining high end technology. Thanks to the valuable patronage of our valuable clients, we at SVCE have grown to be one of the leading courier and logistic company providing the entire range of transportaion services.”

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